sábado, 30 de junho de 2007

The Small Verses Of These City Alleyways Call For You

You're Down On Your Luck
Hold Back Those Tears
Let My Arms Rest All The Fears
Cry All You Need
You Know I Won't Let You Go

There's No Way To Get Out Of This Life
So We'll Try To Make The Best Of It
If you're Feeling Down
I'll Do My Best To Keep You Up

Selfish and Simply Stopped Caring
When You Showed Me That Happiness is Still At Reach
You Woke Me Up And Showed Me The Light
Girl, I Don't Ever Wanna Lose You Out Of My Sight

You're Hair Holds Back Those Whispers
And Your Eyes Hide The Touggh Life You've Been Leading
You Can Rest On My Arms, And Let All thsoe Fears Away
Tonight, you'll be safe.

I Don't Care What They Say
I've Laughed At the Face Of Adversity
I Became Someone I Never Thought I'd Be
And Now The Biggest Challenge Is Making this Last

WHen I Feel Blue
You Make The Sunny Days back
There's No Way Out Of Life
I'll Make You Go Thru
And I Won't Let You Down

It's A Brand New Day
Your Angel Wings Gonna Carry Me Away?
You Showed Me How To There's Life After Love
You've Been My Light In The Darkest days

Words Fail Me Now
I Remember From The Beginning
And I Try To Hold On
Because With You Tomorrow
Is Going To Be True

Maybe A Song, Maybe A Poem, But It's The Truth.

Best Friends Is My Favourite Expression In Life

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