quarta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2008


Not knowing where to go
I don't look so worried
The road is irght in front of me
I just need to take a stept at a time

I have no faith In God
or other deities
I believe in the will of my feet
On my soul, and bad luck charm

People stare as me as If I were weird
strange and a misfit
But I can look at myself
They should too look at themselves

I am wandering In life
Daydreaming and barely scrapping by
But I'm drunk on cocktails and dreams
And taht's all I need to slip through

Put me in shame
or on my knees~I'll be in the same place
Words can't break me
And my smile won't fade

And I keep going
not knowing where to
There's not a house
I can call a home
And so I can just walk

I smile to the
innocent children
And wave at the flower lady
Life always has two ways
I won't be the one
to end with dreams unfulfilled

I don't write words
of passions, or acts
of fate
I'm just a dancer
sometimes a juggler
Gambling my life away
At every move I make

And I keep walking
You still accuse me
And I just keep walking
Someday You'll miss me
And I'll just keep walking

The sad feeling of losing even the enemies you used to joke about.

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soniia disse...
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Andreia disse...

Murmuro-te ao ouvido, sempre pra te dizer: Gosto de ti e tenho saudades de estar contigo todos os dias...