sábado, 13 de setembro de 2008

Song For Mr. Dylan

There's a man
Who's travelin' in the wind
He's old voice reachin' me
And drawing me in
Closely tonight

He's got the blues on a sleeve
And some words pourin'
I didnd't know yesterday
But I understand now
Your words make me
Feel like I'm born today

Mr. Dylan don't forget my name
Cuz I don't know how to explain
That my mother's cryin'
My dad's a sighing
There's a thead of home
from you coming in

I don't know much about nothing
but what I Know, is that I'm not really low
Your words opened my new born eyes
Now I can see, And for once I don't feel blind

On the road,
Is a book i've never read
Between Moonshiner and
Blowin In The Wind
I found chapters that
Keroauc seemed to forget

I wrote you this song
And I don't know how
to make you see that
Your journey made my
journey begin
Mr. Dylan you are what amde me
Follow the wind

I'm never goin home
Because there ain't no place I
remember that anme from

I'm a traveller and a vagabomd
A writer they say
But til I find my voice
I'll just quote you then
Mr. Dylan I wish you
Could lend a hand
Because talent is running very thin

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